When is a Bathroom not a Bathroom?

Q:When is a bathroom not a bathroom?

A: When it is a bathless bathroom

Bathless bathrooms are becoming a common sight in many homes today. It’s a lifestyle thing, it’s an eco thing and it is all about being trendy.  Yes, bathless bathrooms are all the rage and at Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens we understand this trend better than anyone else.

How has the bathless bathroom come about?

Many years ago, homes didn’t have bathrooms at all, in fact in most working class households the bathroom was a room where the tin bath was placed in front of the fire place and the whole family took turns to bath in the water. Generally working down the family, once a week (and that was a lot) the warm and then ever-cooling and dirtying water was bathed in with baby coming last before the water was thrown out. This of course gave rise to the phrase throwing the baby out with the bath water.

By the mid 50’s bathrooms were becoming more popular and fitted bathrooms haven’t changed much ever since. Today’s bathroom nearly all feature the same bath, basin and toilet combination in different styles, designs and colours. But then came the 1980’s and power shower reared its head.

The Shower

Yes, the shower, in most homes an over-the-bath hosepipe with a fountain showerhead was the in thing and decorative PVC shower curtain was hung over the bathtub to give some colour (and style??). Some showers were merely rubber pipes that fitted over the bathroom taps at first, but things improved. Before long taps with a plug that was pulled up and down to either fill a bath or take a shower appeared, and these are hugely popular today, began to appear. Then came the power shower that despite still being over the bath was, nonetheless, a vast improvement and today these still exist with water saving capabilities.

But then came the stand-alone shower itself. The small British bathrooms often didn’t have space for a true shower cabinet, but they started to make their way into the growing number of new houses with ensuite bathrooms and in converted downstairs toilets made into shower rooms. The shower made its appearance and the convenience of a shower of a bath soon made them very popular.

Removing the bathtub

The convenience of a shower over a bath is the key driver behind bathless bathrooms today. Bathtubs are starting to disappear as busy, on-the-go families have less time to bathe and it makes absolute sense. So here we are with bathless bathrooms!

But there is more. By removing the bathtub, a new sense of style has come into designing a bathroom, if we can we still call it a bathroom, and that is where Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens can help. Showers are increasingly more efficient when it comes the use of water and electricity and this is a further driving force behind the bathless bathroom.

Today showers are becoming hi-tech with technology that remembers the perfect settings for your perfect shower. LED controls that look cool but actually tells you when the water is the right temperature and self-cleaning showers are now starting to appear.

So yes, bathrooms are adapting with the times. How can we help you make your bathroom bathless?


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