The tell-tale signs you need a new kitchen part 1

A kitchen isn’t something you just go out and buy like a pint of milk or a loaf of bread. A kitchen is something that takes time to purchase and is an investment rather than a commodity. But, just like a pint of milk and a loaf of bread, there are tell-tale signs you need a new kitchen. No, your kitchen doesn’t get eaten up and hopefully it won’t go off and smell bad but there are a few kitchen and home equivalents. At Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens, we love Kitchens and we know what tells you that you need a new kitchen. Here are our tell-tale signs you need a new kitchen

You know your kitchen is dated

If you prefer your guests and visitors not to see your kitchen then there is a problem. The first of the tell-tale signs you need a new kitchen start with you and how you feel about the room that should be the heart of the home. If your kitchen shames you because it is drab, outdated or just dreadful compared to what you think a kitchen should look like then it is time to start thinking about a new kitchen.

Appliances and Tech

Most people replace their appliances and kitchen technology sooner than they replace their kitchen. However, when you begin to realise that your kitchen was designed around certain appliances your kitchen becomes a frustrating room to use. The gaps between appliances are either too big and the kitchen looks awkward or the new fridge or dishwasher won’t fit where it is supposed to fit. It could be that that you have found a better place to use the toaster and kettle but you now have extension cords traipsing across your counters, pinned to overhangs or gaffer taped to the floor. When you start finding there is no space for appliances you need to think about a new kitchen.

Has the kitchen shrunk?

One of the sure signs you need a new kitchen is when there just is not space for the family. We are used to small kitchens in the UK, but even small kitchens can be used by large families. When you realise you based your kitchen or bought the property with the kitchen because it was just you and your partner you will soon notice that with a family it no longer works. Growing families take up more space and this is a sign you need to rethink your kitchen. At Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens, we are masters at making small kitchens feel big and making the superbly functional. Let us show you how to make your kitchen work for you.

This is part 1 of the tell-tale signs that prove you need a new kitchen. Coming up in our next blog we will tell you the final things that show you need a new kitchen. Remember, we are the experts in kitchens and we love making our customers happy by designing and installing fantastic kitchens. As our founder always says “Don’t be a goose”, keep in touch with us or call us today if you cannot wait for part 2 and we will give you the kitchen of your dreams!

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