4 Reasons to use Soft Close Hinges in your Kitchen

Once upon a time, a hinge was a simple device that worked on any door or window. For centuries the design barely changed; two flat plates curled on the edges with a pin holding them together so they can swivel. It was simple and it worked. 

While the basic hinge worked it could, nonetheless, be improved and in recent years soft close hinges, that hold a door closed have become available. At Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens quite a few people ask us about door hinges and especially soft close hinges.

Why soft close hinges?

Soft close hinges are a little more complicated than the old fashioned, more clunky hinges and there are 4 main reasons why you should use them in your kitchen.

Elegant and Classy

Any new kitchen or kitchen cupboard needs to look stylish, even the shaker kitchens we covered in a previous blog. Soft Close hinges are very popular, and most homes now have them and the reason for this is that they create a simple pleasure out of opening and closing a cupboard door. It sounds silly, but when asked or shown the difference between an old-fashioned hinged door and a soft close hinged door the response is remarkable. So, for elegance, class and being stylish a soft close hinge is a winner


Another reason why a soft close hinge is a winner in the kitchen is that the hinge is quiet. A quiet hinge?  Well, a soft close hinge is also a slow close hinge and when things are a little frantic in the kitchen and doors open and close, especially with kids looking for things in a hurry in the kitchen, soft close hinges means no more slamming doors. Soft close hinges bring a simple touch of calm, and while the people may be frantic the kitchen cupboards simply take it easy.

Fewer pinched fingers

One of the top reasons why the soft close hinge was developed was safety. Soft close hinges close slower and there is a little more resistance when opening and closing doors. Because of this safety is increased as hands, especially little hands and fingers, have a little more time to get out of the way before being slammed and pinched. If you have small kids then soft close hinges should be on all your cupboard doors, they are easy to fit and will save a lot of tears.

Wear and Tear

Kitchen doors open and close hundreds of times every day, hundreds of thousands of times every year. Because of this cupboard doors with old style hinges tend to require a lot of maintenance as the leaf of the door meats the frame with a bang and bit by bit they become damaged. With soft close hinges this is reduced dramatically and thus wear and tear on the doors and the cupboard frame is increased. In a nutshell, soft close hinges become an investment.

Changing your doors and hinges

Changing your cupboard doors is an affordable way to give your kitchen a makeover and at Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens we have plenty of styles to choose from. Alternatively, you can replace the hinges on your existing cupboard doors and add the elegance, quietness and safety of a soft close hinge and reduce the wear and tear in your kitchen. Come and talk to us today.

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