Shaker Kitchens

It is a term that is beginning to be spoken about more when it comes to kitchens. Shaker style or shaker design kitchens are finding their way back into fashion, that is if every really went out of fashion and people are talking. But what is a shaker kitchen?

If you want good old-fashioned simplicity when it comes to kitchen design, then look no further than Shaker. Shaker kitchens are focused on practicality and if any school child has ever drawn a kitchen the chances of it resembling a shaker style is pretty much certain.  The shaker style dares back to the 18th Century and is a design that is the epitome of fine craftsmanship crated to serve a pupose. With no ornate design or fancy frills, simple cupboards, drawers and doors with basic handles that just naturally flow is essentially what a shaker kitchen is.

For today’s modern and very functional way of life a shaker kitchen is perfect. The simplicity of the design and style has stood the test of time and in many ways some of the more modern kitchen styles are shaker with a facelift. Shaker kitchens can be found in homes of all shapes, sizes and values. There is just something about the sheer simplicity that makes it the ideal kitchen style.

Today a shaker style kitchen can easily be adapted to work with modern day requirements and lifestyles. The design is such that it never looks out of date and yet, despite the simplicity that could easily become boring the style is perhaps the most versatile and good looking of all. The elegance of simple wooden fronts with basic handles is timeless and yet utterly modern. A shaker kitchen done right is the ultimate statement of kitchen perfection in many ways.

The classic lines and gentleness of the shaker style allows for modern fittings such as phone chargers and waste disposal units to blend in effortlessly. The style can be a frontage for a dishwasher or refrigerator creating an ‘olde worlde” look to the kitchen that it so utterly shique creating very silent yet deafening wow from anyone that enters.

Shaker kitchens were originally built from the cheapest but best wood a carpenter could find. The carpentry was perfect to the point of ornate and exquisite. The fittings were simple and functional but made a statement. Nothing about this style has changed other than the materials used, today these can be wood or wood-effect and the choice of fittings is wider than ever before. In fact some choices will turn a shaker kitchen into a functional and very practical work of art.

At Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens, we are passionate about design and we would be happy to create your perfect shaker kitchen with you or your shaker influenced design. Blending modern expertise with proven and timeless style can create you the kitchen of your dreams.

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