Clever kitchen storage solutions

Getting the right storage solutions in your kitchen is something that has to be sorted and decided right at the beginning. This is a crucial part of the whole designing and planning of a kitchen to suit your day to day needs. There are so many clever storage solutions that you need to think about as you will see with the images below.

  • Storage Larder Units – These provide lots of space for bulk shopping
  • Pull-Out Base Units – With the right fitting, narrow gaps can provide a surprising amount of storage space and functionality , so why not put that unused space to practical use.
  • Swivel Larder Units – With all the advantages of the pull out larder, the pull-out swing larder glides out and swings 90 degrees left or right giving even better access.
  • Magic Corner – This fits into one corner unit and fits two complete pull outs into one. pull once gently and both the front pull out and the rear in one easy movement
  • Carousel Corner – This is an innovative and engineered design so you have total control over the rotating movement.
  • Vertical Swing Up Wall Unit –  Ideal for higher wall units, vertically swing up systems give you easy access and utilise all of the cabinet space.
  • Vertical Bi-Fold Wall Unit –  This is the ultimate in ease of use. This can be hand operated or can be fitted with the Servo Drive System which opens the Bi-Fold door at the touch of a button.