Torberry & Welford

Torberry is characterised by smooth matt finishes and subtle framing. The Torberry range makes for a wonderfully distinctive design. You can use tall corner posts to frame oven housing units, once again subtle but and effective feature. The shelving and cabinet internals create a defining separation whilst tying colours from the palette together.

If you’re searching for colour or variety within your kitchen then our gloss doors certainly deliver. Each colour works beautifully on its own or can be combined with great effect to help define different areas of the kitchen.

The handle less kitchen stands out due to good organisation and well-considered details. Features such as the full height larder doors allow for convenient storage management, whilst also adding great visual aspects to the kitchen.

Minimalist design with maximum impact. The Welford handle-free fronts deliver a non distracting quality to the kitchen. The stylish simplicity of interplay between materials in this design led to a modest palette of earth, concrete and timber. The result was a kitchen with a beautiful , warm, textural look and feel; taking on a life and personality of its own.