Kitchen Trends for 2019

As 2018 draws to a close it is that time of year again to attempt to predict the future when it comes to kitchen trends. At Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens, we are always ahead of the curve both in style and functionality when it comes to the most important room or space in your house. Having asked around here are some of the things to look out for when it comes to kitchen trends for 2019

The Colour of 2019

Colour plays an important role is style and trendsetting. 2019 will see natures colours come to life in kitchens of all sizes. With Terracotta floors meeting fresh green walls nature will be in full flow, and for those who are little more daring blues mixed with the distinct colouring of copper will create gorgeous rustic looking kitchens. The look of realistic nature created using modern materials to produce practical, hardwearing naturally coloured surfaces is expected to be one of the big kitchen trends for 2019.  Stonework and stone surfaces will guide a lot of the very natural colour schemes that make a truly stylish, and almost timeless kitchen.

Less has more practicality

Space is always an issue no matter how large or small your kitchen is. Minimalistic styling with generous levels of practical functionality will be one of the kitchen trends for 2019 to keep an eye on. Seamless and flowing functionally of drawers and cabinets with clever opening and closing movements and creative storage space to store more in less will be what every savvy homeowner will want. Stoves, ovens, hobs and sinks will also be seamless to create a happy and functional flow that works for both cooking and entertaining… after all, we all know that everyone congregates to the kitchen in any home!

Tech Savvy Kitchens

Technology is all part of today’s lifestyle and because a kitchen is such a popular place to congregate when entertaining or such an important central hub for families, tech has to be considered. Plug sockets that accommodate USB chargers for phones and the multitude of devices we have today are now a must have. These USB plug sockets are a simple kitchen trend for 2019 that can bring a sophisticated edge to any kitchen and keep up with real style. But what about light switches without buttons?  Yes, dirty hands or hands covered in food can make light switches messy. Consider looking at a light switch with no button that just required you to wave your hand in front.  And finally, did you know you can control some parts of your kitchen from your phone?  Yes, the uber cool way to switch appliances on or off is here and it is a serious trend that will begin to emerge more in 2019.

White is out!

Yes, as much as white makes a kitchen look and feel clean it is no longer cool!  Remember earthy, natural colours and textures of stone, wood and metals is going to be the rage in 2019 so dare to be different and do it!

For the best advice to make your kitchen awesome for 2019 talk to Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens and you are assured of the best advice possible.


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