Inspiration For Small En-Suite Spaces In Your Home


En-Suite Ideas For Small Spaces.


An en-suite bathroom is a great addition to any home [TK does it add value?  Stats].  An en-suite bathroom can add value to your home (maybe by as much as a 6% increase according to but even if you’re not planning to sell, it will make things easier for you and your family.  It’s often assumed that you need a sizeable chunk of space in order to fit an extra bathroom, but you might be surprised at what can be done in a small space Of course, tiny spaces present their own design challenges, so you’ll want to plan carefully to make sure you end up with a space that works for you.

Light And Bright.

The old tricks have stuck around because they work.  A light wall colour, perhaps a soft blue, or the classic white, will make the space feel larger.  They reflect light around the room, creating a fresh, airy feel.  You can build on this by adding a large mirror – the biggest one you can reasonably fit in.  Even in the tiny-windowed spaces where extra bathrooms are often squeezed, a big, anti-fog mirror can make an enormous difference.  Again, it’s an old trick, but it works.

Get Personal.

This room is an extra space, a bonus bathroom.  You can dispense with the idea of making it practical for bathing the kids, and you needn’t make it look good for guests.  If the bathroom is generally regarded as a haven, a sanctuary, then the en suite bathroom takes this to a whole new level.  If you have a passion for hot pink, or you long for an all-natural organic spa experience, then this is your chance.  Think about what you’d really like, and see if you can find ways of incorporating it into your design.  Pinterest is great for gathering ideas without necessarily committing to them.

Simple Space Savers.

If your space is tiny then you’ll want to minimise the amount of bathroom furniture you include, and maximise the floor space.  Wall-hung sanitary ware can help keep that floor space open – a great visual trick, and it makes for easier cleaning as well.  Use the corners.  Traditional bathroom layouts spread everything along the walls, leaving dead corner space.  A corner toilet or wash-basin can make the most of that space.  You might also consider a wash-basin-toilet combination for even more space saving benefits.

Creative Thinking.

Part of the design process is to question your assumptions.  If you’re stumped as to how to squeeze a bath into your en suite bathroom, then maybe you should look at less obvious solutions.  There are space-saving baths available, but maybe a luxurious walk-in shower or wet room is a better solution?

Ask For Help.

Whatever you decide on, get as many different opinions as you can before going ahead with the work.  Whether you’re taking the DIY route or hiring professionals to install your en suite bathroom, you’ll benefit from having several pairs of eyes on the design.  Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens can offer a full service from design through to installation, taking the stress out of the whole process for you.  Why not give us a call on 01923 369706?


By Gary Fullwood



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