Innovative Bathroom Ideas

Keeping up with the Joneses is one thing getting ahead of them is another all thing completely. Your bathroom is a place where you can be the envy of your friends and those neighbours who twitch their curtains. Here are some smart, clever and creative innovations that will make your bathroom a little different to any other. Innovation for your bathroom starts with a good idea and Watford Bathrooms and Kitchen can, and will, bring that idea to life.

The Rimless Toilet

Let’s be honest, the design of the toilet bowl hasn’t changed much since the move from a bucket to a porcelain bucket. One of the biggest problems with conventional toilets is germs. That rim around the edge is the perfect place for germs to sit and enjoy life.  Whether you use a toilet duck or a brand of cleaner that kills 99% of everything the germs still longer. No cleaning fluid works. The solution is to remove the rim! 

Rimless Toilets are the hygienic solution to trendy toilets. Water is blasted into the bowl in a more effect manner and cleans the toilet bowl better than a conventional toilet making it automatically cleaner. It is now even easier to clean, and it is now becoming a very popular, and trendy choice.

Smart Showers for Smart People

A shower is a shower is a shower.


Smart Showers are the next innovative step in making showering quicker, more efficient and even greener. As part of the growing trend toward smart homes powered by Amazon Alexa and Google Home it will come as little surprise to find that bathrooms, and especially your shower, are now becoming smart.

Clever and very smart technology that makes sure your shower is an experience perfect for you each time you shower is all the rage. Smart showers and smart taps are becoming something that every bathroom needs to have to keep that one step ahead. Over and above the technology, the smart showers look amazing too!

Musical Raindrops

This must be the coolest innovation of all and takes singing in the shower to a completely new level.

Q: When is a showerhead not a showerhead?

A: When it is a Bluetooth speaker showerhead

These cool and innovative devices have seen a rise in popularity and have proven to be far superior to conventional Bluetooth shower speakers. Bluetooth Speaker Showerheads are fitted perfectly above your head and unlike conventional bathroom and shower speakers are not drowned out by the noise of the shower. This is the ultimate in cool for any family with a vision of winning X factor or just dreaming they are a pop star!

No more cold feet

One of the biggest problems with bathrooms on the UK is heating. Heated towel rails and radiators are okay, but the floor is always a cold place on which the set your feet. The romans had it right by allowing hot steam and water to flow through ducts under the floor and today underfloor heating is the modern equivalent. Modern underfloor heating systems are easy to control and regulate and some can now even become part of your smart bathroom. With smart and innovative underfloor heating in your bathroom you will never get cold feet again!

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