How to improve your kitchen without breaking the bank

Money is tight for everyone and everyone is looking for ways to do just about anything on a constantly shrinking budget. At Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens, we love kitchens and bathroom, we love our customers and we love helping them do great things without having to grovel to a bank manager. So just how can you upgrade and improve your kitchen without breaking the bank?

Kitchen improvements that cost nothing

It sounds crazy but there are plenty of kitchens all over the UK that need little more than a good spring clean. Giving your kitchen a good clean and tidy costs absolutely nothing and improves in a kitchen in just a few hours without touching your bank. De-clutter your kitchen, remove the junk that always seems to build up and give your kitchen a really good, deep clean inside and out. A clean kitchen makes a huge difference.

Think about space

While giving your kitchen a much welcome spring clean you will begin to get up close to the space you have, Tons of people have a lot more space in their kitchen than they think but they are not using the layout properly. Sure, you can opt for a complete redesign of your kitchen and replace move a few surfaces around but if you step back and look at your clean, clutter-free kitchen simple things that make better use of the space you have. Consider practical positions for things like kettles and microwaves or even consider storing them when not in use. Again, this is cost-free in many cases and the team at Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens often show clients that clever use of space is as good as an upgrade in some kitchens.


When a clean and a shuffle are not quite enough an upgrade to your kitchen is the only real way forward there is a way to get what you want at price you are willing to pay. It is all about priorities. When upgrading your kitchen, you need to decide what you must have and what you can do without. You can consider different materials for surfaces, different cupboard designs and a number of other components in your kitchen that are all high quality but can cost less. If you need a hi-tech kitchen with fancy ovens and stoves then it will cost more, but if you want just want something functional there are many ways to skin your cat.

Simple Touches cost little

Just like a spring clean of your kitchen is a great way to improve your kitchen without breaking the bank so there are simple things that cost very little. Small touches such as door handles and taps cost very little, but they can breathe plenty of new life into your kitchen. A small rethink of your lighting or adding some new blinds or just a change of colour on the walls can cost little but add much. At Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens, we know how to make your kitchen work and whether you want a brand new complete kitchen or just need to find a way to make your kitchen better without spending a fortune we can advise, help and supply.

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