How to add instant luxury to your kitchen



Instant luxury


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and therefore we always want to make it a special, and a touch of luxury always makes a difference. But with kitchens getting ever smaller how can a person do this.  Here are some simple ways to add instant luxury to your kitchen.

Touch Sensitive Taps

Invariably you will have some mucky hands after breading your schnitzels or making dough by hand, and you need to wash up.  Your hands are a mess, and by turning a tap on in the normal fashion, you will take the muck on your hands and transfer it to the taps.  Not only do dirty hands make a mess but they also spread germs.  One of the best and most practical ways to add some luxury to your kitchen is by installing hands-free, touch-sensitive taps.  These work wonders and your friends will go wow!

Beautiful Backsplash

To add some wow and just a hint of luxury in your kitchen a backsplash makes a wonderful focal point. Instead of going crazy and spending a fortune of fancy tiling throughout your kitchen create a work of art with an interesting and eye-catching backsplash. Get creative and use something different such as aluminium or even stainless steel tiles or use some mosaics to lift up a small area of your kitchen for some real sparkle and joy.

Under-cabinet lighting

Lighting is a huge way to add some luxury to a kitchen and getting creative with innovative lighting is all the rage. Cabinet and under-cabinet lighting bring a soft, glowing touch to any kitchen. The lighting also makes countertop chopping and reading recipe books easier and safer, and thus luxury and practicality meet again.

Handles make a difference

Just replacing your Drawer and Cabinet handles can uplift your kitchen in moments. Upgrading your handles is like giving your kitchen a gentle but noticeably luxurious facelift. The trick to replacing handles is where you had a handle with two screws replacing it with a handle with two screws. Replacing you dull, even boring handles with something funky or shinier is an affordable and highly effective way to add instant luxury to your kitchen.

 Change the ceiling

Changing the ceiling sounds crazy, but it does not mean you must rip out the ceiling and put a new one in. Just as with walls there is a host of ceiling décor options that can add something amazing to your kitchen. Just adding moulding around the edges of the ceiling adds instant luxury to your kitchen but you can go all out and do something your ceiling that makes your kitchen totally amazing.

Hide the appliances

To add instant luxury to a kitchen simplifying hiding the appliances makes a difference. We all know what it is like when our kitchen feels cluttered, it feels untidy and about as far from luxurious as one can get. There are plenty of ways you can integrate your appliances into the décor and style of your kitchen and growing numbers of clever practical solutions to hide your appliances. Space and a decluttered environment make all the difference to a kitchen and really does add some wow!




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