Creating a Disabled Bathroom

Throughout the UK there are households with disabled family members or even elderly family members who need easier, safer access to the bathroom. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when remodelling a bathroom to create disabled access and not everyone knows what needs to go into the design and layout of the bathroom. At Watford bathrooms and kitchens our team has decades of bathroom design experience and we have the expertise that can help create the ideal easy-access bathroom for the disabled.

Know the space

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the size of the space you are working with. Disabled bathrooms, especially bathrooms where wheelchair access is needed, require more space around fixtures and fittings to accommodate the wheelchair. Appreciating the space and taking the extra room needed for a wheelchair or carer to assist in the bathroom is important to design the layout of the bathroom. With this in mind, what may seem like the logical place for something may change because of the need for access. 

Getting things right

There are government standards that are recommended when creating a disabled bathroom and it makes sense to follow these. When creating a disabled bathroom, it is also recommended that a professional bathroom company be consulted and contracted to build the room, ideally a company that understands the government specifications. Wheelchairs need certain door widths (1500mm) to be in place and even something as simple as the bathroom door needs to be considered carefully, it is all well can good to have a well designed disabled bathroom but it the wheelchair cant fit through the doorway it is pointless. At Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens we have the expertise you need to build a stylish disabled bathroom that meets government standards.

Specialist equipment

A Disabled bathroom may have to have a variety of specialist fittings and fixtures depending on the needs of the person or people using the bathroom. The bathroom should be designed around the needs of the person and not built just because. Everything from rails to tap fittings needs to be considered, ease of use, strength and accessibility are priority concerns. Using a specialist bathroom company such as Watford bathrooms and kitchen to help source the fittings makes a lot of sense. Walk-in baths are a consideration many people need to consider with a disabled bathroom, lifts and hoists may have to be fitted in some instances. Technology can play a big role in creating a disabled bathroom today and help find that balance of pleasure and functionality that everyone seeks in a bathroom.

Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens

For advice on creating a disabled bathroom in your home, Watford Bathrooms and kitchens are the experts up for the challenge. Our team of bathroom experts can bring the perfect balance of style and functionality that meet UK government standards to create a disabled bathroom you will be proud of.

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