Wetroom Solutions

Looking for a wetroom solution? Take a look at the options below. Wetrooms having been an amazing revolution as long as you are using the correct product and obviously a good installer. We have gone through so many different types of wetroom products and have come up with the ultimate answer.

Our Fiora shower trays are the way forward for the wetroom answer and make any and every bathroom look desirable. This product offers you something different and has so many benefits when creating that beautiful area in your bathroom. The Fiora shower trays come in a variety of colours as standard but can be ordered and any RAL colour of your choice.

They are also available in virtually any size and to make things even better, they can be cut down or to size for them trick situations. These wetroom trays also are easy clean and do not stain, so you do not have to worry about all them grout lines getting mucky and always looking dirty. The gradient is already built into the wetroom deck itself and the flow rates are truly amazing, keeping all the water contained to the area it is supposed to stay in.

You no longer have to fear water travelling in the wrong direction, puddles or leaking with this amazing product so you can enjoy that clean lined look without hesitation. If you would like to see some of the installation we have done or hear our clients feedback, please just give us a shout.