Mirror, Mirror on the wall… Trendy Bathroom Mirror ideas

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?  Watford Bathrooms and Kitchen of course and we love bathrooms, we also love clever décor ideas in the bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors are an essential part of any bathroom and sadly most bathrooms are a little dull when it comes to these reflective items. However, a mirror doesn’t just have a be a single piece of flat glass stuck on the wall in front of the sink. There are many ways to mirrors can be creative and here are 4 of our favourites.

Wrap Around Mirrors

Space is a challenge in many British bathrooms and bathroom mirrors are excellent space creators. Creating the illusion of more space is easy to achieve with a wrap around mirror. Whether you choose to have a series of mirrors on all your walls with a grouting seam between each or whether you go for a more seamless look is entirely up to you. With wrap around mirrors no longer do you have just a single boring bathroom mirror over a sink and there is no longer need to have a handheld mirror to use in the bath… you are in the mirror wherever you stand and your bathroom looks huge!

Clever Medicine Cabinet

Many bathrooms have a single, small medicine cabinet with a mirror on the door. This is okay but when storage in bathrooms is always a challenge why not get clever and creative with a larger medicine cabinet. A wide medicine cabinet stretching from wall to wall with a mirror glass front becomes a mirror and storage place all in one. With modern cabinets, the larger medicine cabinet becomes a stunning feature in the bathroom and once again the extra mirroring makes the bathroom feel much bigger and brighter.

Many Mirrors

So, it is time to get trendy. Who says you can only have one mirror on the wall? There is no hard and fast rule. Who said that a bathroom mirror must be square or rectangular? There are no rules. For a fresh new way to add mirrors to your bathroom why not place a handful of different mirrors next to each other on the walls. This creates a very different look and one that gives your bathroom character. An oval mirror and an art deco mirror with of course the standard square mirror in a mix and match arrangement is the trendiest way to use bathroom mirrors.

Window Mirror

Another stylish use of mirrors is with window mirrors. Handing framed mirrors within the window frame is a wonderful and very different way to hang a bathroom mirror. Using the window space can free up space for cupboards or other bathroom fittings. Not only do mirrors hung in windows look amazing they also prove that there is no space a bathroom mirror cannot be hung.

For all your bathroom ideas, and kitchens, talk to the team at Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens and we will soon have you staring at your mirrors asking… mirror, mirror on the wall…

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