Bathroom Trends for 2019

Another year has passed and 2019 has arrived. How many of you are walking into your bathroom and saying to yourself “this is so 2018?”. Okay, not everyone is saying that but many of you are thinking that your bathroom could do with an upgrade, refresh or revamp. At Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens, we love helping people renew, redesign or just add some sparkle to their bathrooms (and kitchens) and we always keep an eye out four trends and new ideas. Here are some of the trends you might want to consider when renovating your bathroom in 2019.

Blue is the colour

This is pretty obvious to anyone, but blue is the colour of choice for bathrooms in 2019. Not just any blue but luxurious deep blues that are bold and give powerful splashes of colour. Blue sanitary-ware such as basics, baths and even toilets are going to be something that shows you have trendy bathroom in 2019.

Rustic Furniture

No, bathrooms are not going back to the outside lav but rustic furniture showing the natural grains of wood is expected to be in in 2019.  Simple and good looking and back to basics basin stands on solid looking wood worked around some modern taps and even exposed plumbing will be cool bathroom fittings for the year ahead


Like some retro visit to the 1970s wallpaper is making a comeback. Cheaper than tiling and so much more versatile bathroom wallpapers are something many bathroom makeovers in the year ahead may well use. Of course, wallpaper has a disadvantage in a bathroom and close contact with water is not a good thing. Therefore, consider carefully where you hang your wallpaper before getting carried away.


Ok, not quite bling to the point of over the top but metallic highlights are a bathroom trend for 2019. Gold and bronze are the two metallic looks that many bathroom fashionistas are saying will be in. Gold tiles and gold taps (yes they are back) are the things that will keep your bathroom on track with fashion. Brass or copper piping, when highly polished is something that will set your bathroom apart from others.

Don’t forget the tech

As with every room in the home, technology plays a big part in being trendy. Smart bathroom tech is something that will uplift even the dullest of bathrooms. The easiest of tech solutions is a Bluetooth wireless speaker that streams your music into your bathroom. Sensor taps that control the amount of water you use will not only be eco-friendly, but your water will be reduced. Automatic soap dispensers are also all the rage, smart, sleek and no more empty bottles make your bathroom cool. And finally, with tech be on the lookout for smart tech that controls your bathroom from your phone – image having a bath ready and waiting when you get home from work just because your bathroom knows you are close to home!!

For any bathroom or kitchen related matters, you wish to discuss call into Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens and the team will be able to help you and show you some of the best bathroom and kitchen ideas you would wish to see!


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