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Our mission:
“Enabling our customers Kitchens and Bathrooms to meet their needs and exceed their dreams… a place you’re proud of and a place you want to spend your personal time”

“Finally, a Kitchen and Bathroom company that cared more about our project than we did …”

A New Bathroom or Kitchen is unique to you and your home, it has to be, every home is different as are the needs of the families that live there.  Your New Bathroom or Kitchen needs to be special, personal, functional and above all else … a beautiful addition to your home that says something about you.

Design, colours, innovations, maximisation of the space, different material options, textures and intergration, all of these components need to combined, considered for the end product to meet the needs of your family and your home. A new Kitchen or Bathroom is going to be expensive, it not only has to deliver to the demands of your family but exceed your expectations.

Your home is your special place, somewhere you spend the important moments in your life, all these elements need come together and create something that enhances your existence in that place and to be something that is beyond your expectations.

Working alongside you to deliver the perfect end product will be a collaboration of years of experience, creativity, design, experienced craftsmen, only the very best products from around the world and a team of people to whom your project becomes more important to them than to you will ensure the right ending to your journey for your New Bathroom or kitchen.

It’s an exciting time, having a New Bathroom or a New Kitchen

…let’s take the journey together….

What you can expect from us…….

The home visit…. one of our expert designers will come and visit you in your home, this is where the journey starts, looking at the space, our designer needs to understand how you use the space, what you need from the space, your tastes, your chosen colours. This meeting will enable the designer to produce your bespoke design options, and so the exciting journey begins………

Your visit to see us ..an opportunity for you to visit the show room, view your personal designs that have been created from our home visit, discuss options and products, this is when the collaborations of designer and yourself really starts to work….

Our clients love this part …

Your Personal Quote…this is the exciting one …. After your meeting in the showroom where your final design was agreed, your designer has now had the opportunity to produce your final quoting options, it’s time to discu

ss the cost of your project, we will always give you several options, enabling you to have choices to fit your budget and those products you’ve set your heart on. We understand that your project needs to fit your budget whilst delivering on the requirements of your project, giving you several options allows you to hit your budget whilst still giving you choices.

It’s time to come and see us again… let’s finalise the details of the quote, look at and touch the products, check out the samples, select the decoration…make you final choices, confirm the quote and book in the start date of your New Bathroom or Kitchen

And now……. It’s for you to get excited at the prospect of the Newest addition to your home ….

We invest time and energy into your project …

WHY? ..

….. because we know it’s worth it to achieve an amazing outcome.


Meet the team!

gary fullwood

Gary Fullwood

Bathroom and Kitchen Designer

Karl Anscombe

Karl Anscombe


Louise Strudwick

Louise Strudwick

Customer Service Manager

Feargus Cribbin

Project Manager

Tracey Hewett

Tracey Hewett

Sales Support

George Croft

George Croft

Kitchen Designer

Dan Austin

Dan Austin

Kitchen and Bathroom Designer

Sharne Homan

Sharne Homan

Purchasing Team

Bradley Blair-Wiggs

Bradley Blair-Wiggs

Warehouse and deliveries

Chris Chumberly

Kitchen Design Specialist

Jigna Ridge

Executive PA and Finance Manager


Head of Promotions