A Fab Funky Family Kitchen

At Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens family is important to us. This got us thinking about the most popular room in the house, the Kitchen. How do you make a kitchen a fab, family kitchen?

We put our heads together and came up with some ideas and here they are…

A hub of connectivity

Starting with something that doesn’t seem particularly kitchenesque, having a hub of connectivity and entertainment in your kitchen makes sense. The kitchen is the room that everyone seems to gravitate towards and in the age of mobile devices and digital everything, technology needs to be incorporated. A modern kitchen needs to work with modern lifestyle trends and the obvious is a charging point for all your devices. However, show and tell and kitchen conversation has changed and having a mounted smart TV in the kitchen allows people to share things from their phones for all to see while dinner is being prepared as part of a busier life. Make your kitchen connected and part of your life.

A Study Station

Kitchens are part of the home and keeping family together in today’s busy world can be challenging. Kids need to study but they also want to be near mum and dad and mum and dad want to be near them. Creating a study nook in the kitchen is a clever idea. Just far enough away from the messy, splattering side of food preparation studying and making dinner can go hand in hand keeping family together!

Breakfast Island

Sitting together as a family for breakfast, or any meal for that matter is a great way to get family together and talking. An island in the kitchen doesn’t have to be for the stove top, it can be the perfect and very cool in-built eating station. Everything is to hand; the food goes straight from the stove to island and breakfast is easy in the kitchen. Some cool barstools make the kitchen island the trendy place to be sat with family over breakfast.

Creative, Trendy, Cool

Make your kitchen cool and trendy. Modern kitchens are about as far removed from what a kitchen was 30 years ago as can be imagined. A kitchen needs to be a fun place to be and must look cool. Blackboards and chalk to write down reminders or just to allow the kids to get creative is something fun to add. And who says furniture has to match?  Different colour bar stools in different styles add to the fun.

Keep things light and airy

To really make a family friendly kitchen you need plenty of light. The feeling of space is essential and therefore cupboards that hide things away are a must have. Clutter means crowded. Clutter-free with natural daylight or high-quality lighting make the kitchen feel welcoming to the family, with light and space the family will want to be in what has become the most important room in the house.

To get all the ideas you need for a great family kitchen head down to Watford Bathrooms and Kitchens, meet the family friendly team and you will soon have the kitchen of your dreams!


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